Since it was first created in 2000 I Mediate, has become a reference within the audiovisual industry.

In order to strengthen the I Mediate Post-productions, I Mediate Clearance et I Mediate Servicing companies’ identification with the I Mediate brand image, we felt the necessity to create a coherent image which would reflect the energy of its teams and of the services they provide.

Indeed, our company has never ceased to grow and to expand its services in order to meet your requirements: producers, distributors, international sellers, beneficiaries.

Today I Mediate has become a corporate group!

And this first Newsletter is the start of a new adventure we will share together…

The group has chosen this new spring season 2018 to introduce its new visual identity: NEW LOGOS, a brand new WEB SITE and a reworking of its existing SHOWCASE SITES!

Decidedly modern, the visual identity, the logos and web sites aim to reflect the companie’s ascent within the movie industry and the new trends I MEDIATE participates in: Television – web series – Documentaries – Commercials…

For Abraham Goldblat, CEO of the group, this identity is simply « an innovating visual reaffirming of the existing I Mediate values » : Progress, Support and Dynamism!

With this new image, the I Mediate Group‘s wish is to unite its teams, its clients and its services around a strong institutional brand. Today this new identity backs up I Mediate‘s growth, its ever rising activity, and reflects its will to spread to the new media: Arte and Blackpills have already entrusted us with their projects!

If you too wish to join us in this new adventure, contact us, we will discuss your projects and our teams will answer you as soon as possible.