I Mediate Post-productions
  • Review and finalize budgets and schedules
  • Implement technical teams and service providers
  • Negotiate with all post-production partners
  • Manage post-production daily
I Mediate Post-productions
  • Research archival images
  • Analyse and detect screenplays
  • Identify elements to be cleared
  • Search for rights holders
  • Obtain permissions
  • Negotiate rights
  • Clear archival images
I Mediate Post-productions
  • Negotiate technical clauses
  • Negotiate rates
  • Receive operating equipment
  • Versioning
  • Production of materials
  • Coordinate delivery
  • Manage festivals
Label Element
  • Manage broadcasting equipment and producer assets
  • Negotiate and deliver all authorisations
  • Research and ensure compliance of catalogue materials
  • Review and recommend archiving procedures
  • Certify and preserve heritage

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Years of experience

Cleared films

French and international producers

Catalogued titles

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